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Primary Intramuscular Infestation of Echinococcus granulosus Misdiagnosed as a Soft Tissue Tumor: A Case Report
Authors:  Luigi Insabato, M.D., Gilda Marino, M.D., Flavio Fazioli, M.D., Venanzio Iacono, M.D., Massimo Mascolo, M.D., and Lucio Palombini, M.D.
Background: The occurrence of a primary intramuscular infestation of Echinococcus granulosus is extremely rare. Case A 70-year-old woman with primary skeletal muscle hydatidosis initially presented with a soft tissue mass. Clinical and radiologic examination revealed a huge cystic mass in the right quadriceps muscle without any visceral organ involvement. Since the differential diagnosis included a soft tissue tumor, fine needle aspiration cytology was performed, and a diagnosis of hydatid disease was made.
This very rare case of primary intramuscular infestation of E granulosus was clinically misdiagnosed as a soft tissue tumor. Hydatid disease, albeit rare, should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a soft tissue mass. (Acta Cytol 2007;51:631-633)
Keywords:  Echinococcus granulosus; soft tissue neoplasms; aspiration biopsy, fine-needle
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