Thursday, January 19th, 2017


Estimating the Costs of Emerging Cytologic Technologies
Authors:  Dawn H. Grohs, M.S.
  It has been brought to my attention that the article I authored in the January-February 1998 issue of Acta Cytologica (42:165-170), ěImpact of Automated Technology on the Cervical Cytologic Smear: A Comparison of Cost,î may have been referenced by some third-party payers to support their establishment of reimbursement levels for use of new technologies in the cervical cytologic screening test. It is most regrettable if this is the case. The article in question was submitted in an effort to provide a method of comparing selected new technologies as to their impact on the cytology laboratory‘s day-to-day operation and therefore the cost to conduct the cervical cytologic test. The mathematical calculations incorporated in the article were compiled by an independent agency in 1996,1 and there was never an intention to represent anything other than a model for analysis. The article clearly states that ěThis analysis is not intended to represent a projection of the actual cost to implement any system for a particular laboratory but rather as a model with which to evaluate variations that appear to existî between various systems‘ impacts on laboratory operation.
Keywords:  cervical smears; direct service costs; cervix neoplasms
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